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The Nicholsons Heritage

Corrugated Packing & Sheet Metal Co. Ltd. was founded in 1923 by J.B. Nicholson. As the company expanded, the design and manufacture of metal gaskets became the cornerstone of the company's business success. One of the first products was Corruseal, a highly versatile corrugated metal gasket with a variety of applications in many industries.
      Many more products were developed, some of which were designed and manufactured in conjunction with leading industrial companies. Corruplus, a low-load, resilient metal seal, designed by T.P. Nicholson, our Chairman, was developed in co-operation with Rolls-Royce. Sigma Seal, a resilient metal seal, in single or multiple bellows form, was created to accommodate large thermal movements or tolerance stack-ups. Reflexseal brought the advantages of resilient metal seal technology to the multi-layer, pressed metal gasket.
  The development of the aerospace and nuclear industries led to the formation of Nicholson's Aircraft Seals Ltd. in 1973. Corrugated Packing & Sheet Metal Co. Ltd. continued to serve the automotive, off-shore oil and gas, energy and processing industries and in 1988 changed its name to Nicholson Seals Ltd.
    During the last three decades the two companies operated separately but shared their knowledge and working processes in close partnership. January 2001 saw the start of the merger process to bring the companies together. The company name is Nicholsons Sealing Technologies Ltd.
    And for the future? With our continued investment in innovative metal seal design and development, harnessed with our complementary manufacturing capabilities, Nicholsons are set to remain as the UK's leading provider of seal and gasket solutions to industry.